lunes, 17 de agosto de 2009

************************************************** **
Digital Aura
************************************************** **

Track list:
01.Morning Star (Major Pax Remix)
02.Plains Of Arabah
03.Morning Star (Light Of Dawn Mix)
04.Morning Star (Darkness Of Dusk Dub)
05.U2 vs. Digital Aura - MLK (Wide Awake Club Mix) [uncleared]
06.2day 4ever
07.Digital Aura feat. Orphan - Introspective (Redemption Mix)
08.The Echoing Green - Suffer (Digital Aura's Morning Drive Mix)
09.Nighttime In The Garden
10.Digital Aura pres. R2 Project - In Advance Of The Landing (DA's Psy-Fi Mix)
11.Of Spirit And Electronica
12.God's Child (Fever Mix)


************************************************** *******
Gospel House
************************************************** ******

Track list:
1. Holy Ghost
2. Rise to the Top
3. They Don't Believe
4. I'm Gonna Praise
5. Rejoice
6. Sunday Morning
7. Thank You
8. Let My People Go
9. Open My Heart
10. You Make Me Smile
11. Feeling Good
12. This Little Light of Mine
13. Let the Sunshine


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